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Completely unplanned but upgrades to the content management system gave me a kick up the arse and the last month has been spent cropping thumbs and images for the new look.
I think it's a vast improvement and will make it easier for future changes and upgrades to take place.

What's new? Well...

All the sets with 2 image sizes now have the different options for downloading zips. The standard size, 1280 pixel pics and high res (large) 2000 pixel pics. I'm also looking at adding a 3rd "Super size", 3000 pixels.

The quality will be increasing with better encoding options now available to me but at the moment I've kept with the same downloading and streaming choices as before.
Download the WMV, DivX or iPod formats or watch the video online in Flash format.
If you want the best quality the full WMV download is still the best option.

"Suggest Category Keyword Tags"
Click on this on the photoset or video pages and you'll get a box open up you can write your suggestions in.
It seems to be taking about 30 seconds to open at the moment so I'll get that looked into.
Your suggestions will come to me to approve (same as comments) and if I do they'll be added. A good feature if you like a certain thing in a set that I don't already have a category for such as "blue eyes", "massive nipples", "a bit fat" etc.

I think the rest is mainly cosmetic. Let me know what you think


Meet Charlie, a stunning 19 year old redhead from Preston in the North West of England seen here in her first nude photoshoot.

This first photoset of Charlie see's her in the outfit she arrived in and as she looked so stunning it was an easy decision to get started on the shoot straight away.

It wasn't long before we had her stripping from her jeans, blouse, black underwear and heels to reveal her beautiful 19 year old body in this, her first nude set.

Over the next few weeks we'll be posting more sets of Charlie with outfits including stockings, lingerie, office pantyhose and silk dress.

Click Here and enjoy Charlie

Minnie from Swindon
Today we welcome 29 year old Minnie from Swindon :)

Click the thumb for a clothed sample from Minnies first set

Minnie's a natural redhead with a couple of unobtrusive tattoos, (left shoulder and inside right forearm) a shaven pussy and a pierced clit.

See Minnie here

Sapphire Blue
Today we offer a big welcome to 19 year old Sapphire and her whopping natural 30H boobs :)

Click the thumb for a BIG sample

See Sapphire here

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